Jose Montoro

Associated Lawyer
International Law & Commercial litigation


  • Degree in Law, University of Barcelona (Spain).
  • MBA at Escuela de Administración de Empresas (EAE), Barcelona, Spain.
  • International Trade Management Program at Centro de Estudios de Economía Internacional CEDEIN, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Certificate of Course “Integration of Spain within the European Community”. University of Louven (Belgium).

Managerial Experience:

  • Set up a leisure company in Romania.
  • Commercial Director of Agro Food Group ITLV in Russia.
  • Developing a consulting program for Bulgarian Government in Bulgaria.
  • Developing a consulting program for several Central American Governments in Panama, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Honduras.
  • Set up a manufacturing factory in Russia (construction materials).
  • Set up subsidiary of Mercados Exteriores Consulting Inc. in Hungary.
  • Set up subsidiary of Noe Group in Kazakhstan.

Prior Experience:

  • IDOM (Bulgaria). Engineering & Consulting Services.
  • INYPSA SA. (Panama) Engineering & Consulting Services. (Panama)
  • INTERSALUS, S.A. / Consulting, Engineering & Arquitecture (Barcelona)


  • Fluent in Spanish, English, French, Russian and Romanian

Key International clients:

European Commission (Phare Program), Interamerican Development Bank, Grupo Uralita, URSA, SPRI, CIRSA Group, IDOM Internacional, S.A., INYPSA S.A., ROCA S.A., INTERSALUS S.A., NOE GROUP.

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Jose Montoro